Manage your Devices and Settings

New device?

If you have changed your device, follow the instructions on this page.

If you still have access to the device that you are currently using for MFA, you can refer to these instructions to set up a new device to use with MFA.

If you encounter a problem setting up your device, telephone the IT Service Desk on +44 114 222 1111.

Duo Self-Service Portal

Duo offers a self-service portal where you can manage your devices and settings.

If you can access the self-service portal via the 'My Settings & Devices' link from the Duo Prompt or via direct link and are currently able to authenticate with a device, you may:

  • Add new/additional devices

  • Designate your “default” device that receives authentication requests in addition to your preferred authentication method

  • Deactivate Duo Mobile if you got a new phone but kept your number

  • Change the name of your device (for example “Personal mobile” or “Work Phone”)

  • Remove a device

  • Set up automatic Duo Push

Note: by choosing automatic push you won't be able to apply the 'Remember me for 7 days' option.

If you're unable to access My Settings & Devices to make a change, contact the IT Service Desk.